The GreyMatter Jugglers not-so-humbly recommend the following performers to enhance your audio-visual life experience.  We’ve shared the stage with most of the following performers, and we guarantee they have the will, and the way, to seduce your socks off!

Of course, we are directly affiliated with and recommend Earth DescenDance and Free Pile sirKus, and some the following performers have also performed under the Earth DescenDance name.

Revolva performing with Earth DescenDance at Eugene Celebrations 2010


Without further ado, we love (in no particular order):

Revolva (currently in San Fransisco)

Button Wagon (San Fransisco & touring)


Red Raven Follies

The Conjugal Visitors

Raw Action Break Squad

Tyler Spencer

Eugene Drama Kings

Tomo the Samurai

Water Tower String Band

The Bad Mitten Orchestre

The Blair St. Mugwumps

The Emerald City Roller Girls

Honest Connie and the Five Finger Discount

Unkle Nancy and the Family Jewels

Dizzy Hips (touring)

If we’ve left out you or your group and you know we love you, please forgive us. We are but silly clowns and are bad at updating our website. Please tell us!