Yaps and Habbs throw Razor Sharp Knives through the legs of Sirk @ The Wow Hall 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen, Gentleladies and ladymen, genitals and ladybugs, I know what you must be asking yourselves: who are the illustrious GreyMatter Jugglers?

The answer is simple: The GreyMatter Jugglers are Eugene’s premier juggling, unicycling, fire dancing, comedic, and clowning troupe.  We combine death-defying tricks with death-welcoming jokes to create a unique contemporary clowning experience; guaranteed to delight the young, old, and ageless (zombies).  The GreyMatter Jugglers have been delighting audiences at parties, festivals, and stage shows since 2006.

We are for hire, and are the perfect solution to add a touch of class hilarious goofball skills to your event; whether you need a headlining act (large stages to small parties), emcees between acts, or just circus ambiance.

The GreyMatter Jugglers often perform as part of Earth DescenDance Fire Theater and Free Pile sirKus.  Originally separate groups, The GreyMatter Jugglers and Earth DescenDance effectively became one group several years ago.  With a few exceptions, our daytime comedy shows are generally as The GreyMatter Jugglers, and our nighttime fire shows are generally as Earth DescenDance. Free Pile sirKus is centered around Sirk and his daughter Peeko the Clown, and they often perform as part of GMJ and Earth DescenDance as well (or vise-versa, we can’t really keep track).


Habbs, Peeko, Sirk, Yaps, and the Bad Idea Band @ The Oregon Country Fair 2011


The GreyMatter Jugglers Are…

Habbs and Yaps @ Arriving By Bike 2009

Yaps and Sirk @ Eugene Celebrations 2010

Sirk and Peeko of Free Pile Circus @ Eugene Celebrations 2010

Habba La Babbs

Raised in the wilds of the middle-of-nowhere (Illinois) by humans, Habbs (boringly known as Mark Hewitt) grew up eating bark and other corn products. Originally employed as a cat herder in southern Northern Ireland, Habbs soon developed a fear of sharks. In an effort to overcome his insubordinate phobias, Habbs moved to Eugene to become a blacksmith. There he discovered an allergy to all things harder than diamonds, which led to his meeting Yaps in the Fall of 2006. They became quick friends (being able to run the 100m dash in 20 parsecs) and bonded over their love of everything nonsensical. Thus, The GreyMatter Jugglers were born! Feeling difficult, Yaps moved to Portland in 2010, greatly increasing the dominion of the GreyMatter Jugglers.

Sir Seager Yapsalot, Esquire

Yaps (boringly known as Mike Seager) was born just to the left of the middle-of-nowhere (Iowa), yet did not run into Habbs until he moved to Eugene in 2006. This was most likely due to his youth-time employment as a scuba-diver painter; a thankless job full of barnacles and angry swimmers. Born with a seriousness deficiency, Yaps had trouble fitting in with his quadruped peers and was forced into a life of abject hamster consumption and cohabitation. This led to his eventual arrival in Eugene, where he met Habbs in the Fall of 2006. They immediately bonded over a mutual respect for plants with mustaches, and the GreyMatter Jugglers were born! The long-term effects on global warming are still yet unknown, but Yaps believes them to be indigestible.


Sirk’s story is a little different from those of the poor souls above. Sirk (boringly known as Kris Manaois) was conceived far away in an outer-space submarine known for its average parties and sleepless lunchtimes. Quick to anchor, Sirk spent the first 50 years of his life as an Alaskan monk in Fremont, surviving off snail shells and what little water he could squeeze out of his kitchen faucet. After a fortunate candelabra mishap, Sirk learned that he was not fire-proof and moved to Eugene where he founded Earth DescenDance Fire Theater in 2005. A year later Earth DescenDance and The GreyMatter Jugglers began performing together, and sometime around 2009 Habbs, Yaps, and Sirk figured out that they had become the same group and became really confused. Sirk also performs with his daughter, Peeko the Clown, as Free Pile sirKus.  When asked about his habitual shaving, Sirk tends to respond in writing.

Former Member: Brian Thompson

Brian was the original third member of the GreyMatter Jugglers (along with Habbs and Yaps), joining the group in late 2006 and leaving in late 2008. Created in a laboratory by crazed World of Warcraft players, Brian possesses unnatural skills and abilities. It is said that he is able to create inert snakes out of balls of clay. The fame that came with being a member of the GreyMatter Jugglers turned out to be too much for Brian, and he moved to Oakland to pursue his dream of being even more famous. There he joined with Poki and together they became Code Red Circus Conspiracy. His current whereabouts are known, which is why there are no search parties out trying to find him.  You can watch a recent video of him here.

Brian, Habbs, Sirk, Yaps, and Tomo the Samurai @ Diablos in 2007