Upcoming GMJ shows will be posted on the calendar in the sidebar on the right, and some larger shows will be posted in “bloggeramma” form below.  You can also stay up-to-date on GMJ shows by becoming our Facebook fan and following us on Twitter!

Sirk and Sir Yapsalot of GMJ will be touring the Eugene Fun For All parks the last week in August.  Bring the kids and come see some free shows!  Come early and stay late to take park in The City of Eugene’s great Fun For All program!

Tuesday, August 23 @ 1:00, Washington Park

Wednesday, August 24 @ 1:00, Sladden Park

Thursday, August 25 @ 1:00, Churchill Park


The GreyMatter Jugglers are performing at the UO Bike Music Festival! Info: http://musicfest.uoregon.edu/bikeMusicGuide.htm

We are performing at 1:45 at the Museum of Cultural History on campus and at 5:45 at Broadway Plaza. We’ll also be doing random shows along the way!



Party starts around 8 (the FB time is off), we’ll be performing a bit later! Come hang at the Redoux Parlor!